3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Becoming a Contractor

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Deciding to contract is a big step and one which few regret. However, it is important to be completely sure that this is the lifestyle for you. Though the perks of freedom and flexibility are attractive, there are a few questions you should consider to ensure that contracting is right for you.

We’ve listed three important questions you should consider before getting started:

Will I find work as a contractor?

Many potential contractors are put off by the lack of job security compared to permanent employment. In order to maximise your chances of finding contracts, there are a number of steps you can take:

Create a CV that stands out

Having a CV which showcases your skills and experience well could be the deciding factor in your new contract. You should make sure your resume is captivating and up to date. Learn more about constructing the perfect CV.

Get in touch with a recruiter

Parasol have worked with a number of industry-leading recruiters who are well-placed to match contractors.

Can I make money from contracting?

Contractors typically take home more money than permanent employees. This will likely differ depending on your industry and level of experience. Though there may be some void periods in your career, your higher level of take-home pay should compensate for this.

To find out how much you could earn, take a look at our take home pay calculator.

Should I choose umbrella or limited?

Deciding which contracting route to take will largely depend on your unique circumstances. Though limited company directors generally earn more, there are a greater number of demands involved. For more information about going limited, visit our sister company, ClearSky.

Choosing umbrella

Umbrella companies can be an excellent choice for new contractors. At Parasol, we’re here to support our contractors through every step of their journey.

For more information about starting contracting and to see how Parasol can help you, simply get in touch.