Are contractors the answer to the talent crisis?

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UK companies have long been suffering from skill shortages and the headache seems to be continuing, with knowledge gaps still plaguing employers. Tapping the right contractor talent could help steady these skills gaps.

First, we need to understand the scope of the issue. A recent study by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed that employment dropped by 63,000 in the three months to June. Although this may have temporarily put the skids on the government’s “full employment” dream, this wasn’t the most concerning revelation.

The bigger issue was the serious skill shortages that still show no sign of abating. Instead, the problem has become even more prevalent in niche markets, such as oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and financial services industries.

Despite this gloomy picture, the issue has opened up a great opportunity for contractors. Their expertise can eradicate the gaps in technology driven sectors and give companies the ability to keep pace with the non-stop advancements in their field.

To cope with the problem, many companies have been filling their workforce with under-qualified employees. This tactic risks damaging any chance of expansion, as there will be no one with the relevant experience to complete highly skilled projects.

On the other hand, taking on professional contractors will give a business an edge. This is because interim workers are constantly updating and advancing their skill set to keep pace with the latest trends in their sector. This gives contractors the ability to approach a challenging project with ease and deliver what is required on time and at a high standard.

So are contractors the key to unlocking the skills shortage conundrum? We certainly think so! Interim workers offer companies the chance to gain short term access to the expertise they’re crying out for.

As we see it, contractors are the driving force that could keep the UK economy motoring. Utilised correctly, interim workers can help steady the ships and lead the country towards prosperity.

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