Are recruiters heading for ‘mobilegeddon’?

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UK recruitment firms could see their Google ranking plummet if they fail to make their website mobile-friendly.

The warning comes ahead of changes to Google’s search algorithm, due to come into force on April 21st. The update will see businesses with responsive sites rank higher, acknowledging how prevalent mobile browsing has become.

Research from recruitment marketing firm GKS Associates reveals that two-thirds of staffing companies are unaware of the changes. Its director, Robert Woodford, told Recruiter Magazines that businesses should visit the Google Webmasters site to check how mobile-friendly they are.

Although it was unable to predict how many websites could fall foul of the changes, GKS suggested it is a “sizeable majority.” Mr Woodford urged recruiters to act quickly if any problems are highlighted by Google.

However, not everyone is concerned about the changes. Recruitment firm FiveTen Group’s head of marketing, Adam Nicoll, reminded firms that high-quality and relevant website content should still outrank mobile-friendliness.

He said: “These developments do not represent a penalisation of sites that are not mobile-friendly. Naturally, a site with the same content as the next site, which is more mobile-friendly than it, will fare better if all else is equal. Organic, rich and relevant content remains the key guiding principle of how Google ranks sites.

“If a desktop site has 400 marketing manager jobs on it, it would still trump a website with 50 marketing manager jobs. Content remains king over device, unless Google is changing their guiding principles completely.”

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