Can contractors spearhead UK’s cyber security catch up?

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UK businesses are lagging behind their European counterparts when dealing with cyber attacks, a new study has revealed.

IT firm Tenable Network Security found that 22% of British organisations take between a day and a month to find and fix cyber breaches. This is compared to just 11% of German businesses.

In addition, less than a third of UK firms are able to patch vulnerabilities within an hour of discovery, much lower than the 48% recorded in Germany. Meanwhile, British respondents admit it would take 40 hours for them to detect if a user had installed new software on their systems, more than double the time taken for their German counterparts.

Gavin Millard, technical director at Tenable Network Security, said that taking between a day and a month to find and fix vulnerabilities was “a long time to have a chink in your defences.” He highlighted the case of the ShellShock bug, which enabled hackers to launch millions of attacks in the days following its release.

The news could be music to the ears of contractors with expertise in cyber security. Freelancers are able to provide businesses with short-term access to the expertise they require, especially in an industry blighted by skills gaps.

Furthermore, recent research suggests that UK businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on contractors as they do not possess the spare capacity to take on more work.

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