Christmas Gift Ideas for Contractors

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When buying gifts for a freelancer, you may find yourself struggling. With the freedom and lifestyle that contracting brings, it can seem like they have it all.

If you’re running short on ideas, we’ve put together the below gift guide to give you some inspiration.

Noise cancelling headphones

Whether your contractor needs to drown out noise working in a public space or stay focused on a tight deadline, noise cancelling headphones can make the working day more enjoyable.

Storage space

Purchasing additional cloud-based storage can help contractors keep hold of the important files they may need later on.

Dropbox Advance offers unlimited storage space, so files will never need to be deleted down the line. This option is cheaper than a new laptop and files can be accessed from anywhere.

A getaway break

Life can be stressful for the self-employed, so an experience day is a good opportunity to step away from work and relax. A voucher for a spa day or a city break could be the perfect gift to help that special someone to unwind this festive season.

Check Groupon for a list of offers and experiences in their area.

A daily planner

Organisation is key to keeping a contractor’s work running as seamlessly as possible. A planner can make the ideal gift for the freelancer who prefers pen and paper to the digital alternatives.

USB mug warmer

Caffeine can be a contractor’s lifeblood, and when the work starts to pile up, nothing helps like a hot cup of coffee. This Christmas, give something functional with a USB mug warmer. This is powerful enough to keep a mug warm for hours, saving the need for constant dashes to the kitchen.

App store gift cards

Gift cards are ideal as they never and they allow the recipient to purchase exactly what they want. Some good options may be Google Play or iTunes (depending on their preference).

Whether the gift card is used to buy an app to help streamline their work, an album to help focus or a boxset to indulge in, it’s sure to be well-received.

How can Parasol help?

There are plenty of demands on your time as the festive season approaches, but money doesn’t have to be one of them. Working under an umbrella company means that you never have to worry about admin, taxes or getting paid on time.

To find out how we can help, simply contact us.