Contracting ‘a global phenomenon’ as temp working soars

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The UK’s contracting revolution is part of a wider global movement that has seen businesses increasingly turn towards freelancers to secure the talent they need.

Research from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) states that 84% of firms are using temporary workers to bridge the skills shortage in the permanent market. The talent drought has led to just one in five employers expanding their full-time workforce over the last 12 months.

Graeme McKinnon, managing director of staffing firm Select Appointments, said: “We are increasingly seeing greater demand and competition for skilled workers, which means temporary staff are being used to bridge the gap.

“This is not just happening here [the UK] but on a worldwide basis. As a result, the demand for permanent and agency workers is increasing, and all the signs are that this will continue.”

Meanwhile, the study highlighted a growing skills shortage in the technical and engineering sectors. The problem is affecting both the temporary and permanent markets, with 36% of employers anticipating a drought among agency workers and 18% predicting a shortfall in full-time employees.

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