Contracting: the answer to beating the back to school blues?

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This week, many children will be returning to school and parents will be back to making packed lunches and battling early morning traffic.

Juggling family commitments and work can be tiring, so if you’ve had enough of the constant balancing act, maybe it’s time you became a contractor?

Here are three ways contracting can help create a good work-life balance:

Create your own schedule

Contracting allows a more flexible way of working, as you can pick and choose when to take on projects and have more control over your hours of work.

If sitting down for a family breakfast is important to you, organise your assignment commitments after the morning rush, so you start the day with less pressure. What’s more, you can secure a balance between work and life responsibilities, where you can thrive and never feel you’re missing out on key events.

Work from home

Some contracting projects allow you to work from the comfort of your own home, which is extremely beneficial for those who are tired of office politics.

Having a home office cancels out travel time, so hours are not wasted sat in traffic. If you create the perfect environment, you will continue to be productive in your assignment, but can fully maximise your down time.

For more tips on successful home working, check out our past blog post.

Continue doing the work you love

Just because you don’t want to be chained to your desk, doesn’t mean your career has to come to a halt.

Contracting offers you more freedom, but you can still gain fantastic work experience and develop professionally, so you can become well sought after in your field.

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