Contractor management: 3 tips for recruiters

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Professional contractors are a great asset to any business and recruiters are utilising them to help with their clients' special requirements. However, it’s important that you properly cross check and set up a great line of communication while you’re working with a contractor.

Here are our 3 tips for handling and placing a contractor:

1) Check the contractor’s employment status

Even though contracting is a different type of employment, contractors still need to have the legal right to work in the UK. Before placing a candidate with a client, check their status in order to prevent any penalties in the future. This is something an umbrella company will be able to help with. Here at Parasol, for example, we carry out thousands of right-to-work checks every year.

2) Clearly define pay rates

Before drawing up any contracts, make sure the contractor’s pay rate has been agreed by all parties. Their pay needs to be realistic for the business and the services on offer, as well as fair to the contractor. Defining this immediately will prevent any confusion or debate later on.

3) Choose a reputable umbrella company

Working with an umbrella company can have many benefits when going through the contractor hiring process. As the employer, the umbrella will support contractors – handling any HR issues that arise and providing them with a wide range of rights and benefits. If you want help from an umbrella company, make sure you choose one that benefits you, the contractor and your client.

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