Contractors to the rescue in future-proofing scramble

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London’s businesses are increasingly turning to contractors as they seek to shore up their operations, new research has revealed.

Data from recruitment company Venn Group shows that demand for freelancers with experience in business analysis, ‘big data’ and infrastructure engineering has skyrocketed – as firms look to increase their efficiency and profitability. The clamour triggered a jump in assignment rates, with some contractors able to command pay packets in excess of £600 a day.

The study also revealed significant demand for legal contractors, especially those with foreign language skills. Venn Group found experts in this field have been able to claim hourly rates of nearly three times the national average.

Accounting professionals have also been high on the wish list, as businesses seek to manage their accounts and budget for the coming year. This has enabled interim professionals to command “lucrative” rates.

Robert Bowyer, director of Venn Group, said: “After years of austerity, businesses are finally investing heavily in future-proofing their systems and processes. The fact that overall vacancies are up, despite election uncertainty, indicates that senior interim appointments will continue to surge after May.”

Meanwhile, the study also revealed a surge in opportunities within the NHS, as a series of government initiatives look set to transform the core structures of the UK’s local authorities. Venn Group said this has created a clamour for HR, communications and finance professionals to help manage the transition.

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