Contractors: What to do when your assignment is ending

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You’ve spent countless hours working hard on an assignment and now it’s coming to an end. So what do you do now?

Here are five things to do when your assignment is ending:

1. Organise a handover document

Now you’re leaving you need to make sure anything you have been working on is passed over to the relevant person. Create a breakdown document clearly giving any information on the project, this could be the current progress of the assignment, what needs to be evaluated or any ongoing email communication with third parties. Make sure to also send any other relevant documentation and your contact details so they can follow up with you if needed.

2. Save important contacts

While working on your assignment you may have built up a great network of contacts and just because you’re leaving you don’t have to lose that. Add emails, phone numbers or online platforms to your contact list and keep up communication with them. This will leave the door open to other opportunities like future assignments or project consultations

3. Clear up

Avoid leaving a bad last impression by properly clearing away any workstations you have used and taking your items with you. If you have been using a company computer, back up any documents so when it is wiped you still have the work to use as evidence for your CV.

4. Complete your assignment

It seems like an obvious point, but aim to fully meet the assignment requirements you were set at the outset. Sometimes obstacles are put in your way, but these are variables out of your control. This can result in your contract being extended but if not, work on it as much as you can in your last few weeks, then properly prepare the next steps to handover to the business.

5. Plan your next steps

Planning what you’re going to do next is your choice, you may want to take a break or jump straight into another assignment. If you’re seeking work, start looking before the end of your contract so you don’t face the pressure of finding a new assignment quickly. If you want a break, check you have been paid for the work you have done and you have enough cash to last you while taking time out.

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