Election result ‘good news for contractors and recruiters’

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Parasol founder and chief executive Rob Crossland has hailed the general election result as a positive outcome for the UK’s contractor workforce and staffing industry.

Rob, who also heads up our sister firm ClearSky Contractor Accounting, welcomed the prospect of a Conservative majority government.

He said: “While no party has a monopoly on wisdom when it comes to our sector, this result boosts the prospects for the stability, continuity and certainty craved by professional contractors and recruiters.

“From tax to regulation and employment legislation, the Conservative manifesto was the most pro-business and pro-job creation.

"David Cameron and George Osborne now have the mandate to implement their pledges.

“Labour’s negative rhetoric regarding the recruitment industry and umbrella companies demonstrated an alarming misunderstanding of our sector, and the arrival of Ed Miliband at 10 Downing Street would have worried many contractors.

“As one of Britain’s largest contractor employment providers, we look forward to engaging in a positive and constructive dialogue with the new Tory administration – for example on travel and subsistence tax relief reforms.

“The one cloud on the horizon is the prospect of an EU referendum, which threatens to cause uncertainty in the business community and negatively impact on investment and job creation.

"Mr Cameron must set out his agenda on Europe swiftly and ensure this does not happen.”