Three Encouraging Facts about Contractors for National Freelancers Day

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The eye-opening statistics and facts about contractors, freelancers and independent workers in the UK offer more than a fair share of reasons for us to take a moment and applaud their often undervalued contribution.

For those who didn't know already, Thursday is that very day of recognition. This Thursday 9th June marks National Freelancers Day 2016 (known in the hashtag world is #NFD16). It's all punctuated by an event hosted by IPSE.

Keen to celebrate on Thursday? Whether you are or aren't, we'd like to share some reasons as to why you should be encouraged as a contractor. Here are three important facts about contractors and freelancers to keep in mind as you celebrate in person, on Facebook and/or on Twitter:

  1. Contractors generated £109bn for the UK economy in 2015 1
  2. Government figures from Q4 2015-16 show the number of self-employed rose by 182,000 compared with Q4 2015 2
  3. Temporary worker pay rose in May 2016 at the fastest pace since July 2007 3

For those that prefer a nice visual, feel free to share these facts to the #NFD16 hashtag-o-sphere via the images below:

Fact 1 for #NFD16: Freelancer pay is going up to levels not seen in a decade

Fact 2 for #NFD16: Self-employed figures rose by nearly 200K over last year

Fact 3 for #NFD16: Contractor contributions means Billions to the UK economy

The big takeaway from all of this is that UK business is clearly latching on to contractors as a solution, irrespective of reasons. So whatever you do for a living, it's becoming clear that the time to be a contractor could not be better.

With you all the way

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