How we’re embracing transparency

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Here at Parasol we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to the contractors we employ. We’re also determined to be 100% transparent when it comes to our performance levels.

That’s why we have decided to go public with our service results.

Every Monday, we are publishing call and email response figures relating to the previous week. This data is displayed in a traffic light ‘swing-o-meter’ format designed to enable quick review of service targets.

A Parasol contractor employee can check the statistics when logging on to our online portal MyParasol. They can also be viewed on this page of our website.

Data being made publicly available as part of our transparency push includes the:

  • Percentage of contractor employee emails responded to within four hours, along with the average response time
  • Percentage of contractor employee phone calls answered within 30 seconds, along with the average pick-up time
  • Number of complaints received during the week, plus the percentage resolved within 24 hours

Here’s how we performed last week

Ifti Ahmed, group operations director at our parent firm, Optionis, accepted that sharing potentially sensitive information with the outside world represented a “calculated risk.”

He said: “Of course we are leaving ourselves open to criticism if our service levels do not meet the required standards.

“However, we think any potential risks are vastly outweighed by the benefits that come with being completely open and transparent about the impressive service levels we expect to deliver.

“Contractors and recruiters can now see at a glance how we’re doing. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service, and have invested heavily in this area in recent months, so now it’s time to be bold and put our cards on the table.

“We believe that service innovation is the new battleground in our sector, and are determined to stay ahead of the competition.”

How are we doing

Click here to see how we are doing. Are you a Parasol contractor employee? Get in touch with us on Twitter to let us know what you think of this initiative.