Meet Parasol’s Little Helpers

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Here at Parasol, we’re with you all the way. To show our contractors what we’re about and how we can help, we introduced our Little Helpers to the website. You may have noticed them at work around the Parasol site, but did you know that each has its own special meaning?

Why Little Helpers?

Our Little Helpers were created to illustrate the unique working style of the self-employed and how the team at Parasol can help. Each has its own special meaning and showcases just some of the perks of working with us.

What do they mean?

Meet our Little Helpers and discover just some of the ways they can help you.


Wherever your work takes you, we’re in it for the long haul. At Parasol, we’ll be with you from those first steps to wherever your career takes you. The camel shows our ongoing support throughout your contracting career and our consistent support no matter what.


We understand that there’s plenty to keep you busy. That’s why we’ll free you up to do what you do best. At Parasol, we’ll take care of the boring bits and leave you to focus on what matters.


You can feel safe knowing we’re in charge of your finances. As Parasol is protected by a number of governing bodies, you can rest safe in the knowledge that we will always act with your best interests at heart.


We’ll remember the details so you don’t have to. You will never have to worry about your money as it’s all taken care of by our team of experts.


Flexible working is one of the quirks that come with the contracting lifestyle and it’s only fitting that your umbrella company should work to your schedule. If you aren’t 9-5, neither are we – our innovative online portal allows you to submit timesheets and claim expenses 24/7 so you can keep things moving.


Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the paperwork. All you’ll need to do is submit your timesheet each week and we’ll sort your tax, National Insurance contributions and your take-home pay.


Our expert eye for detail ensures you’re always compliant. We’ll take on all of the nitty-gritty so you can get on and do what you do best.

Want to know more?

To see how Parasol can help you, drop us a message via our contact page. You can also find our Little Helpers throughout the site, so keep an eye out for them.