NHS efficiency drive a goldmine for London’s contractors

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The clamour for cost savings and efficiency has made the health service a rich source of opportunities for London-based contractors.

Staffing firm Venn Group’s latest London Recruitment Index reveals that demand for interim professionals increased by 2% month-on-month, as NHS trusts seek to analyse processes and implement more streamlined systems. This created an “exceptional” need for individuals with experience in accountancy, procurement and contract management.

Demand was also strong for informatics specialists and those with up-to-the-minute knowledge of big data.

The uptick in NHS demand is in contrast with London’s overall recruitment performance, which registered a 6% drop in job availability. Venn Group attributed this decline to uncertainty in the weeks leading up to this month’s election.

Jodie Finn, associate director of Venn Group, said: “Taking into account the uncertainty surrounding the run up to the general election, and the associated impact any change of government would have had on legislation, it’s unsurprising that vacancy numbers dipped in the weeks before the result was announced.

"However, we are already witnessing a jump in hiring activity following the announcement that Cameron had secured a second term.”

Meanwhile, the report also found that private sector demand was dominated by digital contractors.

The desire to secure the services of experienced online content editors and digital content developers is at an “unprecedented” level, with those skilled in using Umbraco particularly sought after.

The clamour has forced businesses to splash the cash to secure the talent they need, with digital designers able to command assignment rates of up to £300 per day. Experienced front end developers are able to walk away with pay packets in excess of £630.

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