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It’s bigger and better than before - WorkStyle 2 is ready and waiting for you. 

From our initial release of WorkStyle back in October 2017, we’ve taken into account your concerns, your questions, and the ever-changing contractor landscape to create a genuinely insightful and useful resource; WorkStyle 2.

As contractor support specialists, we wanted to showcase how being self employed can be truly exciting, and share accounts on the opportunities that present themselves once you’ve decided to go this route. 

Our aim is to give real-life insight into the aspects of flexible working, from professionals who live that reality on a daily basis. We’ve reached out to real life contractors for advice, tips and personal stories they’ve gained over their years so that you feel better equipped to take this journey on. 

What’s inside the latest WorkStyle?

Finding it difficult to sell yourself confidently? Freelance journalist and PR Gina Clarke shares invaluable insights into how to navigate the nerve-racking contract pitch.

Jo & Leisa have covered A day in the life of a contractor, with tangible examples of how to segment your day to make the most of your time and keep you motivated. 

A topic of constant debate is how to manage yourself while working from home - and rightly so. Coupled with financial management, this is one of the most popular concerns raised amongst freelancers. So, who better than Julia - a lifestyle blogger based in London - to give us the scoop on how to manage that crucial balance?

You’ll also find advice on marketing yourself and finding your niche, wise words shared with us by Natasha Colyer who founded and launched Seen In The City in 2014 and is a contributor to the Huffington Post. 

In and amongst other trending topics, another feature you’ll find inside this issue is all about using a co-working space: what you can expect, what to consider - and a few pro tips for choosing this route. 

Real people, real conversations and real reasons to take the leap into self-employment.


Download your copy of WorkStyle 2 here.