The autumn half term bucket list

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The autumn half term is nearly upon us, and like many “permies”, some contractors may have chosen to take a few days or the week off.

It’s the perfect opportunity to take a break and get refreshed before the craziness of Christmas, so it’s important you take full advantage of your time off.

Here’s our top 10 picks of things you could do during your break:

Get out of town


Sometimes you need a little break from your usual routine. Whether you go abroad or just head to another part of the UK, going out of town is a great way of getting a break from the same places and clearing your mind.

Get out in the fresh air


If you’re lucky enough to experience good weather this half term, get out and enjoy it! A beautiful crisp autumn morning is great for a stroll or picnic in the park. Besides, you have to make the most of it now, as the winter months are just around the corner!

Switch off


It can be tempting to log on to your computer or check your work phone, which leads many people in to working during their time off. Everyone has to take a break at some point, but if you’re worried about switching off completely, allocate a time in the day where you check your messages.

Just relax


There’s nothing wrong with just relaxing at home when on annual leave. For some, just being able to have a calm morning rather than the rush to work can be satisfying enough.

Spend time with your family


Even with flexible working, contractors also want to grab any opportunity to spend time with their family, especially if they live further away. Spend a few days with long distance relatives to have a proper catch up.

Plan days out


Planning days out is a good way to make the most of your free time. Organise activities in advance and pre-book so you’re not left disappointed during the busy period.

Catch up with friends


As many contractors have flexible working schedules, having free time that aligns with “permie” friends might not always be possible. Half term is a great chance to see them as many choose to take this time off. Set up a play date or invite them over if it’s easier alongside childcare commitments.

Complete a project


We’ve all probably got a few unfinished projects sat in the cupboard, so the half term break is the perfect time to go back to them. Whether it’s knitting a scarf for your mum or completing a photo album for your partner, make it your aim to finally finish the project!

Finish your to do list


Want to check off the last few jobs on your to do list? If you still have to fix the window on the shed or sort out clothes to take to the charity shop, get it done this week so they’re sorted before the Christmas period.

Try something new


Add an element of adventure to your week by trying something new. From the extreme of bungee jumping to a drastic makeover, including something you’ve never done or haven’t done in a long time can make your week more exciting


Got more activities to complete on your bucket list? If you become a contractor you’ll be able to create a more flexible schedule that suits you, so make the leap today!