Voting Open for APSCo’s Affiliate Representative Committee

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Parasol’s core commitment has always been compliance. We believe that this commitment is embodied through the values of each member of the business, but perhaps none more than Amy Davies, Director of Sales for Parasol and ClearSky.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Amy has been nominated to represent the APSCo members in the Representative Committee. This is a tremendous opportunity for Amy, someone wo we believe showcases both her own passion and Parasol’s to the UK’s flexible workforce on a day to day basis.

Why vote for Amy?

With half a decade of experience working for the largest contractor accountancy firm in the UK, Amy possesses an unrivalled understanding of how to best serve clients and to ensure that the industry is held to the most stringent standards. As an affiliate member of APSCo, she believes deeply in their cause, and this nomination will allow her to further promote and influence the merits of Parasol, which she feels devoted to.

Day to day, Amy leads a team of over 60 trained industry professionals who provide their expertise to agencies and contractors. This experience has given her an insight into the unique demands and interests of the flexible workforce and recruitment agencies alike. Amy is passionate about protecting these interests through raising the compliance standards in the industry and ensuring all parties understand the importance.

Amy had the following to say when asked about what difference she could make:

“As a Group, we are particularly devoted to promoting the interests of the UK’s flexible workforce and to service quality within the industry. Being an affiliate member of APSCO, I whole-heartedly promote and support the benefits of the organisation and believe I am a staunch advocate.  This nomination will allow me to further influence and promote the merits of the APSCO across the industry. I am committed to helping APSCO continue to cement its position as the UK’s prominent association for the staffing sector.”

What difference can APSCo make?

APSCo (The Association of Professional Staffing Companies) is the professional body which represents the best interests of the recruitment industry and helps businesses to run smoothly. Their Representative Committee plays a key role in ensuring that APSCo’s core strategies are implemented and the needs of the recruitment industry are met.

On behalf of Parasol, nominating Amy will allow her to put her passion and expertise into practice to further improve the interests of the recruitment industry. We’re excited to see the difference which she could make and we believe that her direction would be extremely beneficial for the industry.

Cast your vote

You can find out more about the roles of the Representative Committee and vote over on their site. Voting closes on Friday 30th March. Good luck, Amy!


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