The 5 personality traits that make a successful contractor

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Being out on your own is a daunting thing to consider. Working as an independent contractor means you are in charge of your own income - what you put in, is ultimately what you get out. But before jumping into being your own boss, it's important to consider - do I have the right personality make-up to succeed on my own? Every contractor is unique - so not all successful independent contractors have the exact same personality traits, however it is interesting to note that a lot share the five traits detailed below.


To become a successful contractor - it’s important to have confidence in your own abilities. With being in charge of your own income, it is vital to have a ‘can-do’ attitude that can seize every opportunity.


Being an independent will mean that you will have to also be your own business development manager, so it’s necessary to be as approachable as possible to ensure the growth of your career. By being personable, successful contractors can grow their business through networking events.


When going out as an independent, you are now in charge of your own money and time. It is important to note as when you start contracting, clients may ask more of your time in comparison to if you was working for a large organisation. Clients also may demand last minute changes, so it helps to be flexible.

Problem Solving

Being out on your own, you will occasionally encounter problems, and unlike working within a team, you will not have anyone to bounce ideas off. It is also important to highlight any problems you find that the client does not - this could have huge benefits for the client and ensure future work.


As an independent, you are ultimately in charge of your own PR and reputation. It is important to ensure to have an honest approach to clients, with your time and skill level. Honesty can create extra client trust and ensure future work.

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