What is Your Game of Thrones Recruiter Style?

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Game of Thrones is full of noble houses who have their own philosophy, sigil and way of living. Sure, there are a few characters in the show that don’t conform to the norms of their house, but each great house has its own unique way of how they see the world of Westeros. Do you see yourself as a Lannister who are ruthless and strategic? Or do you see yourself as a Targaryen who is full of charisma? Or maybe just someone full of passion from House Greyjoy?

Watching Game of Thrones, it’s hard to not imagine yourself as part of one of these great houses. Every great house is different, so what house you see yourself as says a lot about you and your recruiter style. We have taken a look at this in more detail and given our take on the certain qualities of each house.


Congratulations, you’re a Stark! You’re likely to be a straight talker – someone who doesn’t hold their tongue and places a huge emphasis on loyalty, honesty and resilience. Candidates are drawn to you due to your honesty and straight-forwardness with them. They know where they stand which is important. You are especially trusted by colleagues and clients alike, as they know exactly what they are going to get from you.


Being a Targaryen means you have unparalleled charisma and ruthlessness. You might have a bit of an ego, but who can blame you? You have dragons. Your recruiter style means that you a natural born leader, by being fast and decisive when operating – which is important in the such as quick moving industry. It also means all your candidates get the best opportunities.


Lannisters have are very strategic and data-driven, as they often wait for a situation to develop before taking action. Your recruiter style is the same – you make decisions based on tangible evidence. You analyse CVs vigorously before making the call. You prefer facts than stories. Which is exactly how Lannisters have gotten themselves to the top of the food chain in Westeros (so far).


You are a proud Ironborn. You often mumble ‘what is dead may never die’ and you take that into your recruiting style too. Being Ironborn, you never give up on a lead when it gets lost – nothing is done until it’s done, as they say on the Iron Islands. You are a bit intense too, but that’s okay because when candidates hear your passion for a role, they are instantly drawn in.