Why professional development matters for contractors

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From the economy to technology, we live in an ever changing world that everybody must adjust and adapt to. The job market is no exception and as a contractor you must keep up with the evolution.

Below, we explain why lifelong learning is essential to a successful contracting career:

You’ll stay ahead of the curve

Keeping up to date with the latest techniques will put you at the forefront of your sector and you’ll be a godsend for businesses that have skill gaps.

You’ll be a versatile candidate

Having varied experience will demonstrate your ability to adapt to different types of assignments and may open up the opportunity of securing more than one contract from the same end client. Don’t let any opportunities to progress pass you by. Whether you attend a course or just brush up in your own time, always be proactive in your development.

You’ll enhance your performance and CV

Building up experience will make your CV stand out and give you evidence to show recruiters and their clients what you’re capable of. Remember to add any courses, self taught skills or certificates to your CV and professional online platforms so recruiters can see all your up-to-date achievements.

You’ll achieve professional goals

Learning new skills can help you achieve your goals, boosting your career satisfaction. It can also enhance your reputation and earning power. Regularly evaluate your assignment rate to ensure you aren’t underselling yourself.

Want to continue your professional development?

Along with our sister company ClearSky we’re offering our contractors the chance to receive FREE training from leading provider, Learning Curve Group. A range of courses are available such as lean management and IT skills.


If you’re a Parasol contractor employee, you will have received an email with details of how you can get your FREE training. If you haven’t received this email, please contact employee support.