How to Maintain a Good Work-Life Balance as a Contractor

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Contracting provides a great opportunity for you to develop your own WorkStyle: you can work flexibly on projects and at times which best suit you. But learning to find the balance between work and rest isn’t always easy and many contractors can find themselves becoming overworked.

By making some changes you can learn how to find the perfect work-life balance and enjoy your well-earned off time.

Switch off when you’re not working

Emails and messages can become a distraction when you’re not working, making it hard to relax and enjoy your off-time. You should get into the routine of turning notifications off at a set time each evening when you are finished with work for the day.

Adopting the mindset that your messages don’t have to be answered immediately can help you to establish a healthy work-life balance and allow you to unwind. Remember, it’s unlikely that anything will be so urgent that it can’t wait until the morning for you to respond.

Get into a routine and stick to it

The ability to work to your own schedule one of the biggest contracting perks, but this luxury means it can often be easy to work long hours and not know when to switch off.

Setting hours can help to make the distinction between work and leisure time more easily. Just like the standard 9-5 workday, establishing your own work schedule will allow you a better work-life balance and will help you to determine when you should work and take time off.

Keep your work separate

Working as a contractor means you have the opportunity to work remotely more often than a permanent employee, but this means that it can be hard to see where work ends and home begins. It is likely that you will spend more hours in an office than a company employee, so you should prepare your home workspace.

If possible, designate a specific room in your home to work and leave once your work is finished. If you can’t designate a whole room, try to keep your work devices off and out of sight once you’re finished for the day.

Take time off when you need it

As an umbrella employee, you’re entitled to a number of benefits and this includes a set number of holiday days.

Whether this is a luxury holiday with the family or a long weekend to relax at home, it is important that you take time off regularly. This will help you to maintain a better balance and to keep stress at bay.

How can Parasol help?

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