The Young Contractor Awards: Celebrating Your WorkStyle

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This is a great time to be a contractor, and it's a really great time to be a young contractor. So great, in fact, that they really are something worth celebrating.

That’s what the Young Contractors Awards are all about. It's a gala filled with young professionals – Millennials, Generation Z, whatever the title – forever shifting the employment landscape as we thought we knew it. They reshape workplace norms: self-employment allows them the time, skills and freedom to deliver, as well as the downtime to expand their personal horizons. It’s about a richer life (in both pay and unforgettable memories) for this exceptional collection of freelance talent.

We refer to it as a contractor's WorkStyle: Close an IT software project Wednesday, fly to Tanzania Thursday, ascend Kilimanjaro Friday. That’s the spirit of the YoCo Awards. Because here at Parasol, we believe that an individual’s dedication to their WorkStyle warrants a celebration and a generous award, in addition to more take home pay.

What a YoCo award winner looks like

The Young Contractor Awards 2016 is looking for the people that embody the YoCo spirit through and through. We're giving away £500 and the first ever Young Contractor of the Year Award trophy to an individual that is getting the most out of contracting and its range of flexibility.

Whilst earning new peer recommendations on LinkedIn, did you find the time to take up a new hobby? In between your backpacking trip across Oz and a couple of public sector assignments, did you up-skill with new a certification? Maybe you landed a gig in a place you’d never been, dove into the culture you had not experienced, and discovered a place you'd like to call home someday. And it doesn’t have to be you, either: perhaps you’ve come across someone else who fits the bill, and think they’re worthy of a nomination.

Bottom line: we're looking for the story that best exemplifies WorkStyle – standard Monday to Friday grinders need not apply.

"It's no secret that the traditional nine-to-five work model is being eroded by a new generation of workers who want the freedom to work when and where they want," says James Lawton-Hill, marketing director for Parasol. "As an organisation, we pride ourselves on helping freelancers and contractors achieve a more fruitful 'WorkStyle'."

Are you ready to tell us your story?

Who a YoCo award winner will be

Before you tell that story, on to the legal bit.

To be nominated, you have to have at least these three things going for you:

  • An ability to tell your amazing WorkStyle story in 100 words or less
  • Between the ages of 16 and 34
  • You’ve been contracting for at least six months

The official Terms and Conditions, as well as the key dates to remember, are available on the YoCo Awards page.

How you can stay in the loop with the YoCo awards

We’ll have an official Hashtag, #YoCoAwards, as part of our social media campaign on both Twitter and Facebook. This will be the place to interact with Parasol and potential nominees: keep the banter friendly!

What’s makes the social channels so valuable in this contest is that by following #YoCoAwards, you’ll even be able to help us narrow down the winner of the grand prize. Per the Terms and Conditions:

The public will determine the YoCo Awards winner via a voting system on Parasol's social media channels. All votes will be officially verified.

Why the Young Contractor Awards?

We talk frequently about the expertise, capabilities and the overall demand for self-employed talent, and one reality is setting in: Millennials, those born between 1980 and 1999, already play a large role in this workforce, and that role will only get larger. Deloitte predicts three out of four members of the workforce will be Millennials by 2025. Their career values hold the high regard for the essential ingredients that make up WorkStyle: balance of work and life, and a life filled with intention beyond their bank account.

That sense of purpose will always be something worth celebrating. That is the Young Contractor Awards.

Get those submissions in. We can't wait to read them.