The Good Work Plan: The Right to Request a Stable Contract

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Like with many aspects of the Good Work Plan, the Right to Request a Stable Contract is intended to improve the rights of workers. As it stands, the legislation that arises from this will mean that workers who currently have no contract - or indeed one which may be considered ‘unstable’ - will have the right to request more stable working practices once they have worked at a business continuously for 26 weeks.

At the time of writing, we are still awaiting a response from the government on the consultation following  the proposals made by the Low Pay Commission. Read on as we discuss what the right to request a stable contract could mean for the UK’s workforce should the proposals be confirmed.

Combatting ‘one-sided flexibility’

The Right to Request a Stable Contract was suggested to help combat what Matthew Taylor referred to as one-sided flexibility; where some businesses have transferred too much business risk to the individual worker that could put the financial security and personal wellbeing of the workers at risk. For example, employers sending staff home if demand for the service was low or cancelling shifts at short notice.

Who would benefit from having the right to request a stable contract?

Those who are most likely to benefit from the right to request a stable contract are those who work irregular hours, are agency workers or those on a zero hour contract, but would like more certainty on how many hours they will be able to work. It is important to note that anyone who is happy to continue working an unstable, or zero-hour, contract will still be able to.

What benefits would a stable contract have?

For those who want a stable contract and are successful in their request, the benefits to both their personal and financial wellbeing would be ten-fold. A stable contract could be particularly important for someone who is looking to apply for a mortgage and needs to prove their income.

How can Parasol help?

As always, the expert team at Parasol are here to support our recruitment agency partners with any legislation which has been introduced as a result of the Good Work Plan. If you have any questions, please speak to your account manager or request a callback.