Hourly rate calculator

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Whether you’re new to the world of contracting, or you’ve been freelance for years, deciding what to charge per hour as a contractor can be difficult. You need to be sure you’re not underselling yourself and your skills, but also don’t want to overcharge and lose out on potential assignments.

The best way to combat this is to start with how much your desired annual salary would be and work out the hourly assignment rate from there. This may sound complicated but our handy calculator below can do the work and sums for you.

Calculate your hourly rate

Receive an illustration of what your desired annual salary works out as an hourly assignment rate. This calculator is only intended to provide an illustration and doesn’t take into account the benefits you could enjoy as a Parasol employee.

For a more accurate calculation, call our best advice team on 0800 458 0818.

This calculator assumes that you will receive your statutory entitlement to paid holidays (which as a Parasol employee you will). For more information on how Parasol can help your contracting career visit our umbrella company page or get in touch with us.