System Issues

17:00 17th  January > Parasol has recently suffered a cyber security incident that impacted some of our key systems and caused significant disruption to our services. As soon as we identified the issue, we immediately took action to mitigate its impact with the support of external IT security specialists and are working round the clock to minimise disruption to our services and resume normal operations.

While we are still in the early stages of our investigations, based on our current understanding of the incident there is no evidence that personal data has been removed from our system. We will provide an update on our investigation when we have more information to share, but we have been informed by our external advisors that this could take a number of weeks.

In the meantime, to ensure the safety and integrity of your data, we have suspended our systems and you will still be unable to access My Parasol portal.

These system issues are impacting our ability to access certain data and apply our normal payroll processes. Of course, our number one priority is to ensure that we minimise any impact to our employees, and whilst we work to re-establish our systems, we have put in place some temporary measures to ensure that we are able to advance pay to you.

Payments have already been paid to many employees and we are continuing to process advance payments for many more employees today. For many, we expect this advance payment will be broadly in line with your normal pay after deductions. We do though fully appreciate that this won’t be the position in all cases.

We will do everything we can to support you. Please connect with us via LiveChat if:

  • You were expecting pay, and you haven’t received it yet
  • The payment you have received is lower than you were anticipating and this will create hardship

We know we are not providing our usual levels of support to you and we will of course not apply our usual margin to these payments.