WorkStyle: Issue 1

A digital publication for the modern contractor

Going it alone and leaving the 9-5 behind is becoming an increasingly popular career choice in the UK. But how do you get into the world of contracting? By chance? A stroke of luck? Or just the bravery to do it?

To be honest, it’s bravery, hard work and much more. As the UK’s leading umbrella company, we have supported thousands over the years to take the leap to contracting. Their reasons for doing so each being as unique as they are, however there are some common trends.

That’s why we created the first edition of WorkStyle; to give a voice to the people we work with, to allow them to share their stories of taking the leap into contracting with the aim to inspire the next generation of contracting superstars.

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What’s inside the first edition of WorkStyle?

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Mammoth Myths

When it comes to contracting, there are many myths floating around that can often dampen the spirits of even the most confident would-be contractor. We’re here to bust some of the most prolific myths we hear in the industry. Are contracts always the work no one else wants to do? Can you make up your day rates as you go along? Flick to page 9 of WorkStyle to find out!


Writing a killer CV

Surely CVs are just for permanent employees, contractors don’t need them, right? Wrong. Just like they are for your permanent counterparts, as a contractor your CV will likely be your first foot in the door to potential clients. Our Writing a Killer CV article shares some hints and tips on making sure you showcase all that you have to offer to prospective clients.


Which route is best?

Did you know that you have a few options if you decide to become a contractor? The two most popular are working through an umbrella company, like us at Parasol, or forming your own limited company. When you are new in the industry, knowing the best route can be difficult. Luckily, our team have over 20 years of experience giving would-be contractors like you the best advice on which route to take. You’ll find their advice packaged up on page 10.