5 lessons contractors can learn from Jurassic World

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The newest instalment in the Jurassic Park franchise, Jurassic World, is dominating box offices at the moment. Lying hidden between the fight scenes and escaping dinosaurs are a few handy lessons for current and would-be contractors.

1) Have a balanced work and home life

It’s pretty clear at the start of the film that operations manager Claire Dearing has put her work at the park before her family. Having not seen her nephews in years, she proceeds to palm them off on her assistant when they arrive at the park. It isn’t until they are in danger that Claire realises her priorities are skewed. Even without the threat of a dinosaur attack, many professionals in full-time, ‘traditional’ employment are struggling to juggle their home and work life. One of the benefits of contracting is the freedom and flexibility it affords you.

2) It’s okay to dream

Just like John Hammond (Richard Attenborough’s character from the original Jurassic Park film), Jurassic World owner Simon Masrani dreams of bigger and scarier dinosaurs. Your dreams are likely not about creating dinosaurs (we hope) but it’s great to have dreams, no matter how long you have been contracting for. You may want to target new clients, learn new skills or make the leap and start your own limited company. Just be sure to grab the opportunities when they arise.

3) Continue to absorb as much knowledge as possible

Gray Mitchell is obsessed with the park and loves to learn everything about dinosaurs. This hunger for knowledge is a great asset, and with British businesses regularly expressing concerns over skill shortages there are real opportunities for contractors who take the time to learn new skills. Carving a niche in a particular area where demand for skills is high will make you an attractive proposition for recruiters and their clients.

4) Stick to your guns

In the film, Owen Grady is not afraid to stand up for himself or the dinosaurs at the park. If you receive negative feedback from a recruiter or end client, making a case for your achievements isn’t a bad thing. Stick to the facts and explain the context around any delays or missed deadlines, whilst maintaining a professional demeanour.

5) Be loyal

Now it may be odd that we’re suggesting you should emulate the behaviour of velociraptors, but their loyalty to protagonist Owen Grady is admirable. Even when facing the terrifying, genetically-engineered hybrid the Indominus Rex, velociraptors Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie defend their alpha. Unwavering loyalty is important to you as a contractor as you look to build a network of recruiters, end clients and fellow contractors.

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