Can contractors capitalise on digital disruption?

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UK businesses are struggling to cope with the fast pace of technological change, with many lacking the skills they need to get ahead.

Recruitment firm Harvey Nash has revealed that large firms in particular are finding it tough in the digital age, with only 17% believing they are able to outperform their rivals.

This could present an ideal opportunity for contractors to swoop in and save the day, offering clients access short-term access to the key IT skills they desperately need.

According to the report, contractors with big data and analytics experience are the most sought-after, with demand skyrocketing in recent years. Change management was named the second most desired skill, while web development finished third.

Harvey Nash’s chief executive officer, Albert Ellis, said: “What’s most striking about the results is the speed of change. In the 17 years we have conducted the survey, we have never seen demand for a skill expand so quickly as we have for big data analytics.”

Meanwhile, the report suggested that contractors with cyber security experience should have no trouble securing assignments. Only 23% of chief information officers (CIOs) believe they are well prepared for a serious incident, down 6% from last year.

This is despite the fact that nine in ten CIOs agree that cyber attacks could damage their company, while one in four have reported a major security incident in the past 12 months.

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