Digital revolution sparks regional creativity boom

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A series of technological advancements has transformed the UK’s creative sector, creating a network of regional hubs to rival London’s dominance.

Online network Creativepool claims that the rise of the digital economy has enabled creative professionals to escape the capital’s housing crisis and take residence in up-and-coming cities such as Manchester, Glasgow and Brighton. The phenomenon has also caused the salary gap between London and the regions to narrow significantly.

Creativepool’s research reveals that digital creatives in the capital earn 14% more than their regional counterparts. This is compared to an 18% pay gap across all industries.

The study found that the number of creative professionals earning less than £18,000 a year has dropped by 6% since 2014, while those paid more than £51,000 has jumped by 4%. Meanwhile, a jump in optimism levels means that 60% of creatives expect their salaries to increase further over the course of the year – a 4% increase from 2014.

Matt Nudds, managing director of marketing recruitment firm Purple, hailed the report and said: “The creative industry is a central part of the UK’s global appeal. Year on year, this sector is contributing more to the UK economy and that means our collective voice is louder than ever before.”

The survey also found that freelancers now make up almost a third of working professionals – with some respondents experiencing a surge in demand over the last two years.

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