Getting back on the contracting saddle

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So you ditched contracting for permanent work but it’s not working out for you. Going back to contracting might be the answer to solving your employment woes and making the switch is easier than you think.

Here’s some useful advice on moving back in to contracting:

1. Don’t be worried about switching back to contracting

It’s not unusual to return to contracting and you won’t be the only one who decided that permanent work wasn’t for you. Previous experience in contracting gives you special insight in to the lifestyle and how things work. You can use tips you picked up and learn from any mistakes you may have made in the past.

2. Connect with old contacts

Get in contact with people you previously worked with. This will give you an insight in to the type of work that’s currently circulating and if they have any assignment opportunities on offer. As we’ve said previously, keep in touch with old contacts and make sure you leave on good terms to avoid burning any bridges.

3. Get your CV up to date

When you’re applying for work it’s vital your CV is professional, up to date and reflects what you’re capable of. To stand out, try presenting your CV differently to the standard template, making sure to highlight your skill set in a creative way.

4. Be patient and realistic

The timeline for securing an assignment will vary from person to person and sometimes call backs don’t materialise or a contract offer doesn’t meet your expectations. No matter what cards you’re dealt, it’s important you stay patient, realistic and motivated to find your next assignment. Those who are persistent with finding work will catch a break eventually.

5. Stay up to date with legislation and industry news

It’s important to keep up with relevant legislation and any new developments within your industry. This will keep you properly informed and you can use the knowledge in interviews. Visit websites such as Contractor Calculator and Contractor UK to stay up to date.

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