Recruiter Do’s and Don’ts

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As the popularity of contracting hits an all-time high, recruiters are working around the clock to support, guide and provide the right person for the right job. Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or you’re new on the scene, these do’s and don’ts will be sure to help you advance in your recruitment endeavours.

DO – Communicate

Understanding your contractors and making sure they understand you is the first step to success. Thorough communication, from face-to-face to telephone calls, is important for gaining complete understanding of who your contractor is and what services they can provide. This enables you to pair them with the most suitable opportunities and heightening chances of success.

DON’T – Forget to Get Feedback

The importance of gaining interview performance feedback for your contractor is an obvious one, but the recruitment field is a two way street. Don’t forget the significance of recording the candidate’s experience in order to report to the client company – did they make the candidate feel comfortable? How long did they take to respond? Addressing the client company’s areas of lack will make future recruitment co-operations smoother therefore helping the holy trifecta of you, them, and the future candidates.

DO - Get the App-vantage over your competitors

Encouraging your clients to leave reviews on Apps such as Glassdoor is a great way of boosting your online presence. By getting your name on public sites like this not only will your successes create a larger audience of interest, lower ratings will show you where improvements could be made to let your business excel.

DO – Take a break

Being a recruiter is hard work, and your sociability is a top selling point. Be sure to remember to have time for yourself once in a while to recharge your batteries and revive to stay on top of your recruiting game.

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