Using Client Feedback to Promote Yourself as a Contractor

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When you’ve put your all into an assignment, receiving feedback is useful in evaluating your performance.  Asking your client to give their honest opinion is one of the best ways to get honest, constructive, and helpful feedback. You can further use this feedback in promoting your services.

Leaving a review

You may have noticed the review process becoming more popular online. Social media platforms such as Facebook are allowing people to ‘recommend’ a business to others, whilst traditional review websites such as Trustpilot and TripAdvisor are widely used.

Testimonials are also effective

The key to receiving client testimonials is simple, just ask. Rather than a short review or recommendation, a testimonial is more of a short story of somebody’s experience. These can be more credible than a simple review. Ask for a testimonial right after the project is completed, as this will increase your chances of receiving a positive review.

Utilising your online presence

People are increasingly reliant on the internet to find contractors, you can make use of this by extending your online presence to include your own website. These are becoming simpler to create and manage, systems such as WordPress allow you to design and organise your website. Why not even add a page of reviews and testimonials to really show off what your clients think of you?

Focus on what’s best

At Parasol, we understand that you need top reviews to make the most from your career. Therefore, we would like you to focus on your work whilst we take care of the rest. To find out more about how we can help, simply get in touch.