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If you’re considering contracting, it can be difficult to know where to start. There’s a lot of legislation to get your head around, understanding expenses can get confusing and just what is IR35? That’s where our publication, WorkStyle, can help.

What is WorkStyle?

As far as we’re concerned, there is no one better placed to give advice than those who have already experienced something and made it a success. That’s why WorkStyle is always created with feedback and real-life experiences from people who have turned contracting into a successful career, so you can be sure that the advice and opinions inside are direct from the experts.

Our first issue of WorkStyle was created using the insights and feedback given to us during our big contractor survey. For the second edition, we went one step further and asked a selection of contractors and freelancers to write the publication.

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What's inside?

Co-working space vs. your own space
Running your own business can be lonely work, so would working in a co-working space be beneficial for you?

Identifying essential skills and courses as a freelancer 
Accounts, admin, PR, IT, HR… when you work for yourself you become the whole business.

Setting your day rate 
We give tips and advice on making perhaps one of the most difficult decisions for any new contractor.

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