The Agency Workers Regulations 2010, often referred to as ‘AWR’, ensure that agency workers (also called ‘temps’) are not treated less favourably than other employees who do the same job and who work on a permanent basis for the same company.

To make sure we’re complying with AWR legislation we need a little bit more information about your contractor. Specifically we need to know if there is a permanent employee within the hirer’s business doing broadly the same role and if there is what they are being paid and how much annual leave they are entitled to. If there isn’t a permanent equivalent then this makes the process very simple and you just need to tick the first button and provide your details and your contractors details to let us know.

Please choose from the following options and tell us which one applies for your contractor:

There is no permanent equivalent within the hirer’s business or there is but I don't have this information to hand

There is a permanent equivalent and their rates are as follows