The business health check for the
recruitment industry

Interested to find out how your agency compares to competitors and the recruitment industry average?

This agency health check tool will ask you 71 questions to find that out. If you answer accurately and honestly, you can gain a better understanding of what you're doing right and where you may need some adjustments. Don't just settle for average, boost your agency to the top of the industry with actionable insights.

  • It takes just 20-25 minutes to complete
  • You will need your financial accounts / finance data to complete it
  • It’s completely FREE
  • You will receive an instant report showing how you compare
  • We can provide answer by answer comparisons to the industry average

What do you get?

If you answer each question as accurately as you can, your business will be compared against the industry average to give you an overall score. You'll also get detailed insights, prioritised, as to what you need to do next to ensure the health of your business stays strong.


Strategy is defined as how the organisation achieves its visions and purpose through a clear business plan, supported by relevant policies, objectives, targets and processes.


The business's detailed plan to drive sales performance, innovation, and growth by better penetrating existing markets and growing share of your current customer wallet.


Your people should sit at the heart of a plan. Why people should work at your company, what keeps them there, and how you will support their development.

Business performance

Measuring performance is a great tool to motivate your people. Understanding how the data compares externally ensures you have the full picture.

Here's what Abi had to say about the business health check

"We completed the business health check recently and what an eye opener it was. So
interesting to see the business benchmarks against the average and best in class. It has really helped cement our 2024 strategy. We did the initial follow up session (which was also free) and there was so much value in it."