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  • Due diligence taken care of, including ID, SDC checks and verification of CIS status with HMRC
  • Swift weekly payments and automatic SMS alerts once payment is confirmed
  • Friendly CIS support team to provide assistance and answer queries
  • Tax return & rebate assistance if required via our sister company Brian Alfred
  • Straightforward onboarding with minimal disruption
  • Comprehensive insurance covering workers under Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Personal Accident cover
  • Online portal available 24/7 to view important details and pay statements in one place
Weekly payments & SMS alerts
Comprehensive insurance
Tax return and rebate assistance
Online portal, MyParasol
Support team
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By delivering Construction Industry Scheme payroll to our suite of offerings we aim to help remove the barriers you and your CIS workers come up against. Using our CIS payroll solution will mean:

  • We can handle more than just one solution for you. So you only need to remember our name
  • You never need to worry about the complexities of CIS. We sort it
  • Your workers will be able to chart their career in the way they see fit, be it Umbrella or Limited
  • Minimise compliance exposure, avoid risk of fines & penalties for non-compliance

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Get more than just the foundations

Parasol stands proud next to the backbone of our civilisation, construction workers. Without these selfless people keeping our impossible infrastructure working and moving, we would be lost. So we believe in making sure their real work isn't hindered by paperwork.

Therefore, we partner with Caroola Accountancy to not ONLY offer Parasol CIS - a hassle-free payroll solution but also Sole Trader and Limited company solutions, too - you might say from foundations to roof trusses, we have everything you need.

Why Parasol CIS ?

Parasol CIS stands as a trusted leader in CIS services, renowned for our no-nonsense, hands-on approach. We specialise in supporting construction recruitment agencies and employment firms in navigating CIS regulations effortlessly. Let us handle the intricacies of compliance, freeing you to focus on driving your business forward.


1What is the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), and how does it affect me?
The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a tax deduction scheme for construction workers. If you're a subcontractor working in construction, you must register for CIS, and deductions will be made from your payments by the contractor.
2Who needs to register under the CIS scheme?
Subcontractors who work in the construction industry need to register under the CIS scheme.
3What are the benefits of being registered under CIS?
Being registered under CIS ensures that tax deductions are made at source, simplifying the tax process and reducing the risk of underpayment.
4How do I register for CIS as a subcontractor?
You can register for CIS as a subcontractor online through HMRC's website.
5What are the different CIS registration categories, and which one applies to me?
The different CIS registration categories include sole-trader, limited company, and CIS umbrella. The appropriate category for you depends on your employment status and preferences.
6Do I need to complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return (SATR) if I'm registered under CIS?
Yes, as a CIS subcontractor, you're required to complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return (SATR) each year. We can help here
7How do CIS deductions work, and what percentage is withheld from payments?
CIS deductions are made by the contractor at source, typically at a rate of 20% for subcontractors registered under CIS instead of the basic 30%.
8What expenses can I claim as a CIS subcontractor?
You can claim certain expenses related to your work as a CIS subcontractor, such as travel expenses and tools/materials. Through your tax return at the end of the year
9What are the penalties for non-compliance with CIS regulations?
Penalties for non-compliance with CIS regulations can include fines and interest charges on overdue payments.
10How often do I need to verify my self-employed status under CIS?
Your self-employed status under CIS should be verified regularly, especially when starting new assignments.
11What constitutes Supervision, Direction, and Control (SDC) in CIS assessments?
Supervision, Direction, and Control (SDC) refer to the level of control exerted by the contractor over the subcontractor's work. If the subcontractor is subject to SDC, they may not qualify for certain tax benefits.
12What support does Parasol CIS offer for completing SDC assessments?
Parasol CIS offers comprehensive support for completing SDC assessments, ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations.
13Can I switch between CIS registration categories (e.g., from sole-trader to limited company)?
Yes, you can switch between CIS registration categories based on your changing circumstances and preferences.
14How does Parasol CIS ensure compliance with HMRC regulations?
Parasol CIS has robust systems in place to ensure compliance with HMRC regulations, including regular audits and updates to our processes.
15What happens if my employment status changes while I'm registered under CIS?
If your employment status changes while registered under CIS, you may need to update your registration details with HMRC and adjust your tax arrangements accordingly.
16How does Parasol CIS handle payroll and ensure timely payments?
Parasol CIS handles payroll efficiently, ensuring timely payments to subcontractors and compliance with HMRC requirements.
17What additional services does Parasol offer to support CIS subcontractors?
In addition to payroll services, Parasol offers a range of support services, including tax advice and assistance with self-assessment tax returns.
18Is there a minimum income threshold for CIS registration?
There is no minimum income threshold for CIS registration, but you must register if you work in the construction industry as a subcontractor.
19Can I claim tax refunds under CIS, and how does Parasol assist with this process?
Yes, you may be eligible to claim tax refunds under CIS for certain expenses. Parasol can assist you with this process, ensuring you receive any refunds you're entitled to.
20What documentation do I need to provide to register for CIS with Parasol?
To register for CIS with Parasol, you'll need to provide relevant identification and tax documentation, as well as details of your business activities.







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