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Introducing Parasol Recruitment Finance

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We know that one of the biggest pressure points for recruitment agencies is consistently having access to enough funding to pay their workers on time. When agencies have to manage contractor payment deadlines, end clients’ invoice deadlines and growth opportunities, funding isn’t always where it needs to be.  

With all this in mind, we are delighted to be adding recruitment finance to our portfolio of available services. 


How it works

If you own, or work for, a contractor recruitment agency, you may have experienced moments where you have urgent payments to make, but don’t currently have enough funding available to make those payments.  

When this happens, recruitment finance might be just what you need.  

With recruitment finance, an agency can go to a recruitment financer and ask for additional funding when they need it, and the agency pays them back once they have the money available. 

Having access to recruitment finance means agencies can enjoy more financial stability, which then allows for greater business growth.  

What else can we do?

Here are some of the additional benefits that can be cleaned from our new recruitment finance service:

  • Business protection - credit insurance and due diligence checks on clients are also available to help you and your business feel extra secure.
  • Reduced admin - like with our other services, we'll handle all the back-office admin and support, helping to reduce your recruiting staff’s overall workload.
  • Streamlined operations - Recruitment finance reduces the need to chase up end clients and push back deadlines.
  • Improved reputation - raise your company's profile by guaranteeing long invoice deadlines for end clients and on-time payments for contractors.

Keen to find out more?

We’re so excited about the introduction of recruitment finance and we hope you are, too. For more updates on this new service, including information on when it will be launched, please fill in the following form.


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